Survival Life Online™

"We're your reliable source for honestly priced equipment & gear for giving your families', survivalists, or preppers a fighting chance in these trying times."

Why Choose Us?

Ken here; The year 2015, November to be exact.  I had decided I was going to start to prepare. I am not exactly sure why at the time, as with my prior military duties, I had to always be ready at the alert. ALWAYS! Perhaps I outlived the need for the constant rush, or more so as I write this, it was more to escape the horrors. The reality is this "What is, Is!"™, which means "the reality is now as you can only shape the future by the actions you take in the present"™.

By all of us working together, we become more robust, and what little gear I had from significant purchase, I have to admit I was angry.

My training kicked in, and I developed a "Targeted Acquisition approach". It was those who dared take advantage of families taking active steps to take their duty to preserve and protect their loved ones.

My solution is part of what you have before you as I established Survival Life Online™ LLC, (, a premier provider of the growing resources our family-focused and dedicated personnel needed.

As I stared at two (2) survival blankets I purchased for $8.97 at the time and learned later that those blankets cost so less that you would fall off your chair. My oath to Country kicked in, and I knew from that point that WE, as a company, would set out to equip as many of those who chose Honor of family, children, and yes, Country with our supply capabilities.  Never should you experience what I did that November, "How can I ever do my duty when my money can only buy so little?"™ 

We need to operate and pay wages and expenses like most legitimate businesses do but would never RAPE others, such as the actual example given of a 2,890 percent markup. You and your whole family just got robbed for 2,890 % of YOUR hard-earned money.

You have two choices, the first of which is, DO NOT BECOME HOMICIDAL, instead choose a family that will not only help you but your whole family to try and survive the present and coming times, be they natural disasters, storms, grid failure, civil unrest or others.

I respectfully ask you to work with us, trust us, and let us work together to equip those we can. If you do not save yourselves first, you cannot help others.

Emergencies have no time or date as we don't either, 24/7/365